Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When Artists Buy Art

I am an artist. But I'm also a collector of art. I have a very small collection, but that is mostly due in part to my budget. A few months ago, my studio mate created a piece that made my heart stop. Truly, the second I saw her I wanted her - like that sappy love story where your grandfather saw your grandmother at a Sunday luncheon and said to himself, "That is the girl I'm going to marry".

Well today, after many weeks of saving my pennies, I married my sweetheart. She is now mine and hanging in my bedroom. Now, I realize that this is an unorthodox way to hang a piece of original art - over top of an Indian embroidered textile. She is so minimal and the textile so detailed. But it feels right.

The piece is entitled Admiral by Jay Bailey


Unknown said...

Looks amazing.

rebecca said...

What a novel AND appropriate placement!