Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Join me on PATREON

It's an early spring here in Texas (the warmest February on record) and its time for new beginnings, growth, and faith in the season ahead. That is why I'm excited to announce the official launch of my Patreon page!

If you're not familiar with, its a platform for independent artists to better connect with their audience. On Patreon, patrons support the artists they love with a monthly pledge - it could be $2 or $10 or any amount they choose. Then on the first of the month, Patron processes the pledge. In turn, the artist offers perks or rewards to their patrons as a thank you.

 For the past few years I've been looking for a way to share my work in a more immediate and intimate way with my friends, clients, and supporters. After much thought and a beta test period, I'm confident that PATREON is an elegant solution! Please take a look at my introductory video on Patreon and let me know if you have any feedback! I'm excited about this new chapter, but I'm even more excited to work with YOU!

Here are the PERKS for PATRONS:

FRIENDS $2 = Access to Patron-only posts
I'll be sharing deep-dive, process-oriented posts 
about making art in the studio JUST FOR YOU. 

LOVERS $5  = Access to Patron-only posts +
A set of 5 art postcards mailed to your door!

MENTORS $10  =  All of the above +
Original art in your mailbox. 
And not just once, but multiple times throughout the year. 
It could be a watercolor, or note cards, or a mini canvas, bookmarks, 
or other artsy ephemera I create for you! 
Think of it as an art care-package.

FAMILY $25  =  All of the above +
After three months of patronage, 
you are going to get your own 
commissioned artwork (12x12 inch acrylic on canvas)
I'm going to make you a piece of art and we're 
going to work together on it. Okay? I'll be in touch! 

BENEFACTOR $50  =  All of the above +
An open invitation to attend any and all of my 
workshops, classes, exhibits, events, and open houses as my guest
Thats right - you come to classes whenever you like! 
And this includes my parent / child classes.
Any and all classes.

So what do you think?
Wanna make some art together?


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