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Friday, April 25, 2014

Master Bedroom Reveal

Master Bedroom is finished! This has been months in the making, but today is the day. This winter, I parted with my IKEA canopy bed and began the process of re-tooling my master bedroom. (Don't worry, the bed went to a really good home. My mother took it to her farmhouse in Oregon, where she painted it black and reassembled in in her upstairs bedroom!) Our master suite didn't need a huge overhaul, but for crazy design enthusiasts like me a new bed means a new bedroom. So here it is....... Ta Da!

Here was my original design collage for the bedroom:

And here is the "before" photo of the space. The wall color, Ashwood by Behr, remained in place. However, the bedside lamps were relocated to our guest room and the long curtains relocated to our dining room.

One of my favorite new additions to the room is a gorgeous piece of art I bought from Atlanta-based artist Jenny Andrews Anderson a few months back. It received a frame this week and is now finally on my wall. It is the happiest, prettiest, most cheerful thing in the room. I love love love this piece of art!

There are two new pieces of furniture in the bedroom: the platform bed, which was purchased at Simply Austin, and the dresser, a vintage Haywood Wakefield piece that I found at VIEUX, a fantastic DFW resale shop. I wanted something in a natural wood with a masculine feel and this midcentury dresser was in outstanding condition.

And of course, I still have my August Macke print on the walls. 

I also picked up two swing arm sconces from I have to say, they look good, but they're pretty flimsy. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't be such a cheap-o. I'd buy THESE instead. They're still very reasonably priced and would look even better!

I kept my old IKEA Hemnes side tables. They look great and have a nice small footprint. However, I did alter them by sawing off the legs and adding a few gold paint details. You can see my full DIY post HERE.

The art above the yellow chairs is one of my own. It was created as a part of my Neuroplasticity exhibit last fall. It's called "The Healing Fields" and is seems to fit in the room beautifully.

The yellow club chairs were purchased last year from the DFW Craig's List. The side table is a family heirloom given to me last spring after my great aunt passed away. It is from India and the table top is a huge copper tray. The teakwood legs also have inlaid abalone shell. 

I was a little nervous that all of the new modern mid-century touches would clash with my brass chandelier, but I think everything plays very well together. And frankly, I think a small vintage chandelier goes with anything. 

There is a small patch of wall space above my bedroom light switch. I've hung my great-grandmother's coin purse just below a small sketch of a blackbird that I found at a thrift store in Austin, TX. 

At the foot of the bed, my husband and I have hung a flat screen TV above our old IKEA billy cabinet. I've had that thing since college. It holds all of our children's book. We read in bed every night to our sons, so we thought a mini kid library was a good use of space. See my little sweet pea poking his head around the corner?

So that's it! I hope you like my re-tooled master suite. My husband and I love it. The style is way more in line with our mutual aesthetic than the previous incarnation. This room makes me feel absolutely at home.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I love Pendant Lights

If I ever have a chance to remodel my kitchen, I'll definitely be installing some pendant lighting. Whether you have an eat-in kitchen table, an island or a bar, pendants are the way to go. My tastes are pretty wide ranging, but here are some of my favorites:




And look at these pink bulbous babies! 
Aren't they crazy... and kind of awesome?


Check out these Italian steel pendants. Sexy!


I love these Hydro Lamps carved from wood, created by Hungarian designer Laszlo Tompa. 
He was inspired by the shapes of deep sea animals like cuttlefish, medusas and polyps. 



Green glass and wood? Yes, please.


I love these glass bulb pendants from Niche Modern. 
They come in all sorts of colors but I like the blue sapphire hue best. 


This hammered metal globe pendant would be great as a trio above a kitchen island. 


These beauties, from Blue Suntree, are made of cork. Aren't they groovy?


All of the lamps below are from an Etsy store called Modern Space Design
They have some fantastic vintage modern Danish lighting for sale. 





Thursday, March 13, 2014

Houzz Tour | Megan Charters

Last week I introduced you to blogger and mid century enthusiast Megan Charters. Today we get to take a look at the rest of her colorful and eclectic North Texas bungalow!

Charters says, “I’m very much inspired by color and pattern and the juxtaposition of old and new. I like bringing together collections and memories from various eras and styles in a way that I hope is visually stimulating — with a healthy dose of humor. Almost like a whimsical museum gallery.”

See all of the photos at and read the full article HERE.

Find Megan elsewhere:

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Meet Megan Charters | a Houzz Sneak Peek

This weekend I had the extreme pleasure of meeting librarian, blogger and self proclaimed shutterbug Megan Charters during a photo shoot for Her home tour will publish in the following week or so, but first I wanted to give you a little look-see. Megan is a vintage enthusiast and has a variety of glorious collections in her home. Everything from Matryoshka dolls to cuckoo clocks to mid century cameras to plaid thermoses. I'm so excited for you to see the whole she-bang, but until then, this should tide you over.

The art pictured below is one of Megan's own pieces. Part collage and part graphic design, it depicts a raised plastic relief of a vintage car owned by Megan's former boyfriend. The map is cut out behind the plastic to match the drawing and the whole thing is mounted on a wood block. Isn't it the coolest?

Lola, Megan's Pug-Boston Terrier mix pictured above, poses for my camera. Below, Megan peeks over the top of her handmade quilt. Friends, this quilt is beautifully made. Megan has some serious sewing skills. The appliqué reads "You're Weird I Like You". Well, we like you too, Megan!

More to come...