Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Patio Season

The first week of September flew by and I didn't post anything! My blogging habits have changed since my boys are growing older and my work now takes me outside my home. It's liberating to have more fluidity and normalcy in my day to day - especially since life with a special needs son almost never feels "normal". But carving out 30 minutes to craft a blog post has become a rarity. 

The weather is still very warm here in North Texas, but the air temps are cooling off - a sure sign of autumn. We even had a few days in the 80s! The thing I love about the beginning of fall in Texas is that we finally have a chance to spray the summer crud off of our patios and can transition into "patio season". The mosquitoes will wane and the cooler temps will be dreamy. And my favorite thing about patio season? Al fresco dining. So next week, I'll be cleaning up my porch, beating the dust out of the pillows and wiping down all of the wicker furniture. Patio season - bring it on!


rebecca said...

Beautiful & inspiring photos. Now (for me) - not to stop with inspiration and good intentions and actually DO it :)

Unknown said...

Yeah, I would officially love to live on any of these patios.


Debbie said...

I love the air of magic as summer turns to fall. I could easily spend hours on any of these patios if it were possible. It brings a sense of peace just thinking about it. Thanks Sarah.