Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday in the Garden

Our family is spending spring break at home this year, which gives me some time to work on my garden!  Yesterday my Mom and I weeded our entire back yard and today I'm putting some lovely things in the ground.  This weekend, I'll be building a raised bed for my veggie garden!  Of course, I'll take some photos and share my process.  I'm a complete novice, so there won't be any gardening tips.  Just lots of dirt and wood and fairy dust.






Shawna (mangotangerine.wordpress.com) said...

You find some of the best images around! Love these! I miss my garden terribly so I envy you much. I am lucky that my apartment has a balcony that extends the whole length, although it is not very deep.

Betsy said...

Great project! If I had used raised beds in my one and only tomato planting experiment in Seattle the slugs would probably not have devoured the cherry tomato plants in ONE night! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog through pintrest...I absolutely LOVE everything you write about. The pictures are awesome! Though I told myself I would go to sleep in 5 mins, I have stayed up looking at your older posts for probably 2 hrs LOL Keep doing what you doing, I look forward to new posts.