Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I usually don't go in for fur, but I keep coming back to the photo below.  Is it the wood built-ins?  Is it the wonderful light quality?  Is it the Buddha on the shelf?  Is it the natural fiber rug?  Possibly.  But I think it might be that crazy fur covered couch. 



A Perfect Gray said...

very delicious.

Betsy said...

Absolutely 'cause the leather is cold so the fur adds that snuggly feeling - as well as being really beautiful.

Shawna ( said...

I love everything but the fur. I can't cuddle my dog or cat while living with the fur of some other poor animal.

Anonymous said...

I used to abhor the idea of fur. Until I found an alternative way to look at it: If one refuses to buy "new" fur, but rather purchases, or is given, fur initially paid for by someone else, it becomes an opportunity to honor those animals that paid dearly. It becomes an opportunity to care for, respect, and assign a place of dignity that transcends the vanity of an original purchace. "Used" fur can be blessed or saged to remove any old hurt. You can welcome that "saved" piece into your home. That room featured is awesome!!!
Mo in KCMO