Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heavenly Henna

I've never had a henna tattoo.  I see them on the beautiful bellies of my pregnant doula clients all the time.  Its such a wonderful way to celebrate a rite of passage.  I've been thinking about having some henna done this summer to celebrate my birthday.  Have you ever had a henna tattoo?  Where on your body did you have it done?  Were you celebrating something special?





And one of my sweet readers, Karla, sent this AMAZING photo 
of her daughter modeling a henna corset.  Isn't it spectacular?  



Anya adores said...

Absolutely beautiful body art - I had a small henna tattoo done once in turkey - nothing like these ones though - they are exquisite.

Victoria @ MY HAPPY HOME said...

Oh, I had one on my upper arm, once. It was made on a holiday in Tunisia. I loved it but it was a much more simple one than in your pictures!

Miss Rubio said...

Ah yes...i love henna. Have gotten several times, once in Thailand n other times when i'm itching for a real tattoo, i get henna instead. Haha. Gorgeous photos. xx

anita said...

I love henna!
What a great birthday idea.

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Beautiful photos!

I had henna tattoos done on my feet for my wedding in 2001. I loved it!

Here's a link to a picture. The image on my right foot is the etching from the kiddush cup my husband and I bought to use in our ceremony.

La Maison Boheme said...

Angela - I love your little feet! Beautiful henna work.

Appletree said...

I have my feet done in the summer a couple times. I love it so much.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

YES - i LOVE it - i posted pics over the summer of mine - i actually have a girl who comes to my house and does it - and she comes when i have girls nights too - LOVE LOVE LOVE

Anonymous said...

if you have a east Indian shop in your locality you can get henna paste in long thin cones(just like filled pastry bag ).

you can apply design it over your palms but you need to wait for atleast three to four hours to dry.have a henna date with your hubby at home after the kids goes to sleep ;).