Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Tree

I picked up this little Bonsai style Ficus tree at IKEA last fall and have been enjoying it all through the winter.  It sits in my front window, where I usually do morning coffee.  Today, I'm spending the morning at a neurology clinic with my little Charlie, so I'm keeping it simple here at La Maison Boheme with a little post of my little tree.  Have a beautiful day!


anita said...

I'll be thinking of you today! xo

Miranda said...

All the best to you and Charlie today.
Your bonsai looks worlds better than the one we've had for about a month, whose leaves are falling at an alarming rate ... how often do you mist/water yours?

Miranda said...

p.s. Have you seen the recently-released bonsai postage stamps? They're quite pretty!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

It's like a little sculpture, isn't it? I've not been brave enough to bring one of these home, you'll have to share your secret for caring for it!

Corrina said...

Sarah, thoughts and prayers are with you today whrn you visit the clinic. Recently was thinking about fig trees. We have a fruiting fig in my back garden. Did you know that when you cut open the fig fruit and eat it you are eating the flower? Was pondering that I would like to be like that- to have the flower(beauty on the inside) xxCorrina.

NotesFromAbroad said...

I hope today went well.
Your little tree is perfect .. I love Bonsai.
I have been thinking a lot about trees lately, we have magnificent huge trees in our parks, we have trees full of large parrot nests and we have dreams of moving somewhere that might have trees, even maybe an apple tree in the vicinity.
Happy New Year ... a little late but I seem to have lost the knack for being on time after living down here :)
besitos, C