Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art Nouveau Doors

One of my very favorite moments in history for art and architecture is the Art Nouveau period - roughly 1890-1910.  It was most popular in Europe and can still be seen all over France, Austria, Spain and elsewhere.  My understanding is that it was a "back to nature" movement, where artists were interested in harmonizing their environments with the natural world around them.  (Obviously, I'm not an art historian...)  Mostly I'm drawn to the undulating lines, circular motifs and highly ornate decorative details.  Here are some beautiful examples of doors crafted in the Art Nouveau style. 









Miranda said...

That last doorway is sheer poetry!
I'm making a note of the address, in case I ever return to Brussels.

Ann said...

Then you must go to Barcelona and be amazed!

La Maison Boheme said...

Oh yes Ann! Barcelona is my most favorite city in Europe with Edinburgh a very close second. My husband is going to Barcelona in April to teach at at a theater institute there. I'm so jealous.

Betsy said...

These are amazing. I found some of them drawing me in and others where I'd feel a bit of trepidation to go through! Fascinating. LOVE your new blog photo!!!

pendy said...


shawna said...

I love the really weathered one!

Hausfrau said...

I see that at least one of the photos is from Nancy, France. This city, which I visited recently for the first time, is a treasure-trove of wonderful Art Nouveau design! You mention that you love Edinburgh--me too; I went there in December.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i have a few of these doors in my folder - i have a TOTAL obsession with doors and windows!!!!

Miss Rubio said...

I absolutely love taking pictures of doors when I travel. Something about doors just makes me wonder who and what kind if person lives behind it.