Monday, January 23, 2012

A House with Soul

Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  
Well, if the kitchen is the heart, then the home library is surely the soul. 











And here is a shot of my own home library.  
One of my favorite places in my house!


Jay said...

I love the shot of your houses soul.
I laughed when I saw you kind of arrange your books by color.
I do that too and everyone thinks I'm wierd

Betsy said...

The images that came to mind with this post are those wonderful floor to ceiling library scenes in the movie "My Fair Lady" - and, of course, my library room that you designed! Soul-full!

nannykim said...

Love the quote...but we could include kindles in that quote!

La Maison Boheme said...

nannykim - yes, of course. Kindles are welcome!

La Musa said...

Love it! Thanks

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

So true! Love your library!

Miranda said...

Books really DO make a home. When I go into a house where I don't see any books, it always feels like something's missing.

Corrina said...

Love your library- mine is just my loungeroom with a big book case and then I have books all over the house- my kids have their own bookcase in their bedrooms. My ultimate would be a room dedicated to books with very cosy seating and great table lamps- an open fire would be nice too. xxCorrina.

Anonymous said...

The home library is definitely the soul of every house. Lovely pictures!

Alena: Oh, Its Just Perfect! said...

Walls of books look so beautiful. I'd love to have a room someday that is dedicated totally to our books. Our shelves are overflowing now, so they definitely need a pretty, new home.

ModernSauce said...

Never get tired of looking at bookshelves! I have a cedar-lined closet that the previous homeowners put shelves in and so now it's a secret library! And it hides the books I might not want seen... *cough* Twilight *couch* ; )

shawna said...

I have always wanted a library. I am house hunting. I think my new house will have a library/studio. How exciting! I never have guests-who needs a guest room?

Anonymous said...

oh just lovely!