Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gardens and Out Buildings on the Farm

Thanks all for your sweet comments about my Mama's farm house!  I love this place so much and enjoy sharing it with you here!  Today, lets take a look at the surrounding gardens and out buildings.

Isn't this genius?  My Mom has nailed an old coffee can under a 
can opener on the back porch to catch the bottle tops.  Such a great idea!

My Mama acquired this vintage tricycle from a local yard sale.  She sanded it down 
and spray painted it red.  She also painted the spokes white.  My three year old 
loves riding this beautiful bike up and down the garden paths!

Mama always has some beautiful wreath or ornament nailed to the door of the 
old pump house.  She found this pretty thing at a thrift store in Cedar City, Utah.

I snapped a quick photo of my Mama a few nights ago.  
Isn't she lovely?

My son, Charlie, loves going naked in the sweet open air. 

My Mama made up a little sandbox to the side of the tool shed for 
Walker to play in.  He spends most of the afternoon hours here.

This was the view last night from the front porch:

This is one of three outbuildings on the property.

I caught a glimpse of the wood-chuck who make a home under the old chicken house.  
He has a mate and my Mama has named them Chuck and Lou Ann.  

And here is a great shot of my Mom holding my little Charlie!

Check back tomorrow for views of the barn and the surrounding valley!
XO  - Sarah


Karena said...

Sarah I love seeing your family photos, your little guy on the bike!


Art by Karena

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debra said...

I love the composition and the quality of the light in your photos. It's a glimpse of how the photographer sees the world, isn't it. :-)

Ann said...

It looks idyllic to me! What a wonderful place for the grandchildren to create good memories- it is so important.

LiveLikeYou said...

Hi Sarah,
Tried to e-mail you but it didn't work. Wanted to ask you about participating in a Mamma Mia blog--where can I e-mail you? xx Jill

La Maison Boheme said...

Hi Jill - not sure why my email didn't work...

its lamaisonboheme at gmail dot com.

I'd LOVE to participate!