Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Famous Blue Raincoat

Love love love that Leonard Cohen song - but my favorite version is sung by Jennifer Warnes. Although Tori Amos does a sweet cover as well.  Looking for a blue coat this season?  I am.  I dig the look of these little ditties below. 


Vintage Bulletin
ZARA Jacket

Burning a Hole
King Dog Vintage


Lisa Fergus said...

Loving blue for fall! That third coat/poncho down is amazing! Love it!

24 Corners said...

Really love the first Seattle, a super cute raincoat is a must...this one has 'Amelie' written all over it.
xo J~

a Broad said...

My winter jacket this year was blue double breasted military (ish) in style. I loved it .. I think I might have to wear it today, as our sudden Spring, left.

galiana street said...

lovely raincoat!
I wish one of this!
Have a nice day!**