Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Living Room Redeux

As per my previous post, I spent some time reconfiguring my living room yesterday.  I love to mix things up a bit when a new season rolls around and Autumn is the best time to draw hearth-side.  Since we spend a lot of time in this room, I wanted to add more seating so we could all get cozy and enjoy the fireplace through the holidays.  I brought in some furniture from other rooms to create a more intimate feel.  I also wanted to throw a little red into the mix, so I added some throw pillows, a red lamp and some red art - all of which I already had in the house.  Here are my before and after shots:

Living Room

Living Room
And here are some more photos of the new room.  Please forgive my not-so-awesome photography.  I'd love to be able to take better interior photos, but I think it just comes down to that fact that I have a junky camera.  Someday I'll have a camera with different lenses and fancy settings, but until then, my photos will possess that unmistakable cheap blur.  The coffee table below is part of a wicker set that was just gifted to us.  I was looking for a round coffee table to suit this space, so until I find just the right thing, this is my funky little filler.

Living Room

Living Room

Sofa detail

Hearth detail

Living Room detail

Mantle detail

Above the Mantle

Peir 1 Lamp
My only new addition: I picked up these Moroccan lanterns on sale at Pier 1 Imports.

side table detail

I replaced the blue barrel back chairs in the dining room with the afore-mentioned wicker set that some friends were giving away. I love their garden-esque look in our front window.  There is good light and I like to sit here in the mornings with my coffee (and usually a nursing baby as well.)

Wicker in dining room
wicker in dining room


a Broad said...

If I could make a tiny suggestion, I would say that you need to move the wing back chairs just a smidgeon away from the sofa.
There should be a little more space between the furniture.. it all looks very cozy and snug.
I wish we had a fireplace here... even when you are not enjoying a fire, they are so great in decorating ! :)

Brandi said...

What a nice little wicker set. I love the reduex. Definitely feels more cozy. Your collection on the mantle is so nice too!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! It's nice to see a "real" space now and then. It's tricky indeed to take pics inside, especially with the windows blowing out the light, but they came out pretty good, I think. Now you're inspiring me to redo my mantle. Funny how they look so great at first then after a few months they MUST be rearranged. - Jean

Laura said...

How lovely! :) I love those Moroccan lanterns. Is that side table an old sewing machine table?? How COOL!

A Perfect Gray said...

looks great and I especially love those wing chairs.

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

i love the blue wingback chairs, stunning!

Anonymous said...

Is this for show or is this for real? If people are supposed to live in there is waaay too much furniture in an obviously tiny room. If it's just for a photo shot, it's great. Otherwise how do expect people to move? Or use the door?

Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

Hey there, mysterious guest! This is my home and its not for show. I live here, along with my husband, a toddler and a baby and its for real. Perhaps the photos throw off the dimensions a bit - because there is plenty of room to sit, move freely through the room and certainly room to use the back door. The room is 16 X 20 feet, certainly the biggest room in our house. I did take A Broad's suggestion and move the blue chairs away from the sofa a bit (about 8 inches or so on each side) and this created some more space. But generally, it works really well! I do love a cozy space, that's for sure.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

it's gorgeous, sarah!
so comfy.
i would love to hang out in that space!!

Maria said...

I'm a recent reader of your blog and I'm enjoying it so much! Such an inspiration.


Wendy said...

I love it. I definitely don't think its too much furniture. Less would be less cozy!

Wendy said...

I love it. I definitely don't think its too much furniture. Less would be less cozy!

24 Corners said...

Late to the party here but I think it all looks great too. You have some very fun and unique pieces (sewing table!) and I love the chair by the fireplace...all very homey and not contrived!