Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Trying a "Capsule Wardrobe"

While I was at the Texas Style Council Retreat in Austin last month, I met minimalist fashion blogger and fellow journaler, Caroline Rector. Caroline is the brains behind Un-Fancy, a blog which grew out of a desire and need to simplify her life. Every three months, she creates a capsule wardrobe consisting of 37 pieces. She wears only these 37 pieces of clothing for the entire season. Want to learn more about what, exactly, a capsule wardrobe entails? Read HERE.

Caroline's fashion philosophy really speaks to a girl like me. I'm walking the Radical Homemaking path, which of course values simplicity and waste reduction. But I also have a small closet, which is currently full of clothing I don't wear. So today, inspired by Caroline's initiative, I'm going to pare down my wardrobe. It will be easier to decide what to wear and I'll have more breathing space in my closet. The clothing that doesn't make it into this season's capsule will either be stored away for another season or donated. Wish me luck! I'll report back when I'm done.

Clea Pipe Clothes Rack from Cost Plus World Market


Wendy said...

I think I say this every time I comment, but you are so inspiring!
I've read of capsule wardrobes, and I've been slowly working at clearing out neglected and unloved wardrobe items, but my main focus right now is only buying items that I feel are PERFECT for me. I'm not going to allow a sale price to influence me. I'm not going to settle for anything less than items I LOVE and that will become workhorses in my wardrobe! I'm looking forward to seeing your new wardrobe!

Connie said...

Dear La Maison Boheme,
I would very much like to boho my home up a little. Specifically, my living room. I've purchased a couple of pillows and an elephant bookend that I loved. I'm planning to get new covers for my couch as well. Do you have any ideas for me? Wall colors, window decor, ect.
Thank you for any sites or info you can give me.

Sarah Greenman said...

Wendy - thank you! And yes yes yes - only buy what you LOVE and what makes you feel marvelous!