Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bathroom Remodel | Week 4

Hello dear readers! We're at the beginning of week 4 of our bathroom remodel. I'm so pleased with the work that has been done thus far. Today, the shower is being tiled with white subway tile. Once the tile is in place, we (meaning our contract team) can install our vanity, countertops and fixtures! I can't tell you what relief I feel from knowing that this bathroom will soon be up to wheelchair use standards. Here are the latest photos of the bathroom space with some "before" photos.

Here are the "before" photos:

The floor and shower tile is all white and the vanity is a beautiful walnut. Below is a sample of our countertop with some paint samples I'm considering for the walls. 

So that's the latest from our bathroom remodel. 
The next time I report back on the blog about this remodel will be when it's finished to stay tuned!


Rachel Anderson said...

I like the Irish mist the best but I think the Dolphin Fin pulls out the marbling.. would love to see a sample of the walnut with it. Consider mint green as an accent. Look for green milk glass on Etsy. And a good vintage portrait, dutch still life, or Degas. This advice is free of charge. ;)R

Rachel Anderson said...

jadeite...that's the word I'm looking for.

Emily said...

They are making great progress. Good luck getting to the finish line!