Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reupholstered Channel-Back Chair

A few years back, I bought a gorgeous vintage channel-back chair from a local consignment store. The upholstery was yellow brocade, but in bad condition. But the price was low, so I brought it home. The shredded upholstery held up very well and gave off a cool, shabby, boho vibe. But all things must end.

My brother and I had plans to reupholster this puppy during his next visit - he was super handy like that. There was a fleeting moment when I considered digging into it myself, but I thought better of it and sent it to a professional. After a little research in the DFW area, I found Back Alley Furniture in Carrolton to help me with the job.

I decided to save some money on fabric by covering the chair with a gray canvas drop cloth, purchased for 30 dollars at Home Depot. It's super durable and the color and texture is awesome. I could not be happier with the results. Back Alley Furniture was AMAZING to work with and the chair was done in a week! The cost was also very reasonable.


Connie said...

Really beautiful!

Wendy said...

I loved it before, but the new version looks very luxe! Did you scotch guard it or protect it in some other say?