Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Gardening

As most of you know, I am away from my beloved veggie garden working in Utah at the Shakespeare Festival. Luckily, I have some lovely friends who are visiting my Dallas veggie patch to prune and harvest while I'm away. One of my neighbors just sent some snapshots that I thought I'd share! Just as a reference, this is what the garden looked like when I left around the first of May:

Now, the second round of plantings have sprung forth.
Here is the current state of affairs: 

The raised bed - a bit overgrown, but generally happy.
Sunflower my son planted as a sprout on May 1. It bloomed this week!
Heirloom Pear Tomatoes
Lemon Cucumbers
Ripe Lemon Cucumber
More Tomatoes 

Meanwhile, here in Cedar City, Utah, I'm still coaxing along a little patio garden. Everything is in makeshift containers. I have chard, kale, heirloom tomatoes, nasturtiums, cucumbers and spearmint. Here are some photos:

If you're looking for some serious summer garden inspiration,
hop on over to SouleMama by clicking HERE.
Her garden is off the hook!

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