Saturday, January 12, 2013

Play Time

I love weekends with my family.  My husband has an academic schedule, which means that most Saturdays and Sundays are completely ours. Our favorite thing to do is throw the boys in the car and head for a quick coffee stop. Then, lattes in hand, we visit one of Dallas' parks (there are hundreds of them) for play time. Here are some photos of me and my boys last weekend braving the chilly weather. What does your weekend hold?

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NotesFromAbroad said...

We are having a lazy weekend with the knowledge that weekends such as this will come to an end when we begin the packing, moving, flying back to the US phase this year.
But your post brought back lovely memories of being in the parks with my 2 children, many years ago .. happily there will be a new little boy in our lives this year and I can look forward to more park time with babies :)
besos. C