Friday, April 29, 2011

Fit for a Princess

Isn't the Royal Portrait awesome?  No stuffy thrones or garb.  No signs of parental pushing or royal strain.  Just two beautiful kiddos getting ready to marry.  I love that this photo shows them on equal footing wearing the same thing.  I think its really ground breaking for British Royalty.  Did you see the wedding?  I don't have TV, so I missed it.  Fill me in!

...and here is the dress!  (Very Grace Kelly.)

Alright everybody, its Princess Time!








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white collar | green soul said...

That bed in the second image is amazing - so three dimensional. and the wall colour too.

anita said...


Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Sarah- I did see the wedding, and it was rather charming. I woke up when everyone was processing out of the Abbey.

...and the dress was gorgeous! The neckline was so original!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I thought she looked beyond gorgeous- so elegant!! And I love the photo of the two of's just the opposite of stuffy.

tina - Half Of What I Say said...

Her dress was perfection, so happy she chose the house of McQueen. Those rooms are fabulous as well particularly the silver one.

lark + linen said...

ahh, I set my alarm to watch the wedding this morning and slept RIGHT through it. I caught the kiss on the balcony but not much else. Bummer! She looked so beautiful though

24 Corners said...

The wedding was so beautiful, a true fairytale...I hope you get to see it from start to finish one day, it was much more than I had expected...teary all the way through!
The dress WAS very Grace Kelly, elegant and very refreshing.
Love the bedrooms...
xo J~