Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coffee Cream Soda

A rare Sunday post! I think I just invented an awesome new beverage. It's so yummy that I had to share it with you immediately. This is my Italian style coffee cream soda. What? Coffee cream soda? Yes - believe it.

Coffee Cream Soda

--  brewed coffee (hot, warm, cold, day-old, whatever)
--  agave nectar (sugar, artificial sweetener, whatever)
--  half and half (milk, cream, soy milk, whatever)
--  sparkling water
--  ice

Directions: (or as my mother calls them, "destructions")
--  pour martini shaker half full with coffee (I do not have a martini shaker, so I used a pint glass and my son's small plastic IKEA cup shoved on top as a make-shift shaker.)
--  sweeten with nectar to taste
--  fill rest of shaker with ice
--  shake the be-jesus out of the coffee mixture until foam appears.
--  pour cold coffee mixture over ice and add a splash of half and half
--  top off with sparkling water

Mix and Enjoy!


anita said...

I'll be trying that. Thanks!

Meera @ firstsense said...

Brilliant, that looks yummy!

If you're interested, I've shared the Stylish Blogger Award with you on my blog, as I absolutely adore your blog, your style and the inspirations you showcase.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xxx

Italian Porcelain said...

Summer is already starting and this cold drink will be in-seasoned. I love coffee, so whether it's cold or hot, I prefer coffee.