Friday, October 01, 2010

Mr. Bed

I'm always trying to find the right balance when decorating my home.  If left to my own devises, I'd go all Frenchy, silly, pretty, bohemian.  But I share my space with dudes.  So this means French influence rather than Louis XIV.  This means muted  color rather than balls to the walls purple.  This means compromise.  And the place where I have to compromise most is in decorating our bedroom.  Here are some beautiful bedrooms that have "dude" written all over.  Maybe you have to share space with opposite sex as well?

via La Dolce Vita

via Casa Sugar

via A Life's Design


E-Deco Magazine

Todd Romano


Elissa said...

You'd think the bedroom could be less masculine than the rest of the house since their buddies will never go in there! jk

btw the unlabled image is ab chao's bedroom ( I love her place.

Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

Elissa - Thanks for the source on Ab Chao's photo! xoxo

Lisa Fergus said...

I think all of those pics are dead on except that last one....a woman clearly lives there too and said lets compromise! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a pink bedroom but so far it's no go. I like that bronzy-brown and red one, though. - Jean

Brandi said...

Yes I do! It's so hard to get the right balance.

A House and Home said...

Who knew men were so opinionated about decorating!?! But they's a tough balance in our house.

a Broad said...

Oh I like that bedroom from Casa Sugar !
My poor husband gets whatever the bedroom looks like, I try not to make it very feminine.. well, maybe my side, his is pretty bare ..
I use a lot of blue and white chinese antiques so that keeps it from being masculine or feminine.
We have an Oriental rug and Arts & Crafts style furniture ..I think of that as less feminine than the honkin big four poster that I wanted :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I do share with my man and thankfully I love mid-century modern design, and that's pretty dudish ;) xo

Wendy said...

Nice post! I've been looking for masculine-styled bedroom photos to encourage my son, a new homeowner, to do a bit of decorating.