Saturday, July 11, 2009

Will Esther Williams please step forward?

Hello my sweet summer-time bohemians. I usually don't post about fashion, but I'm on a kick and need to share. As you know, I live in one of America's hot (as in temperature) spots. The Dallas heat is downright cruel. So I've spent the majority of my summer, unintentionally, in an old ill-fitting swim suit. But today I say, "No more!" This is how I want to feel in a swim suit:

...and this is what I want to look like in a swim suit.

...and this is what I want to do in a swim suit.

So to achieve this, I have purchased this:

Want one of your own? Get it here.


Alison said...

Gorgeous - you are one hot bathing mama! Thank you so much for sharing the site. They have so many beautiful choices!

Anonymous said...

Yay, you! Looks awesome, I'm going to check the site now. The heat here is getting just a tad unbearable. As my friend said, "Last night it was too hot for red wine. And that's just wrong." :)