Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Gray

Alright. I don't know whether its the week I just spent in Seattle or what, but I'm thinking of going gray. My husband and I are in the process of switching our bedroom and office - the perfect opportunity to consider a new color for our bedroom. I'm envisioning a cloudy gray room with little bursts of blue sky and a ray of sun finding its way through the misty cover now and again. What do ya'll think?


everyeskimo said...

our bedroom is gray (painted when we switched bedroom and office too!) and i couldn't love it more.

gotta be careful picking your color though... they go so easily too blue or purple. we ended up using two different grays that play off each other very subtly.

good luck! i'm painting lots more things gray in my next home, for sure.


How funny! I've been talking about gray for the past few days too - I hadn't thought about it but maybe Seattle is the reason! Hope you had a nice week out in my way. :)

Connie said...

Gray is great, especially with some crisp white and pretty accent colors. Maybe teal and lime, or yellow. You are gonna have fun.

my favorite and my best said...

great photos. i live with gray and it is as calming and restful as you would imagine.

Roberta said...

Grey Flannel for a bedroom seems so dreamy...I'm thinking pops of orange and turquoise will keep it fresh and modern...orange paisley fabrics on pillows and turquoise pottery with silver/aluminum accents. Sounds masculine and feminine all in one room...steamy and dreamy...ohh la la
Have fun! Fondly, Roberta

Sara said...

go for it. I have grey walls all through our house - love them. That bed cover in the 2nd last pic is beautiful!