Friday, June 17, 2016

Painting the Walls of my Studio

The studio space that I'm moving into is awesome. But the original brick had been poorly painted over with a pukey yellow color. So while I'd prefer the original brick, that's not possible. Instead, I'm covering the walls with Kilz, a fabulous primer and sealant that I frequently use when I want to create a mildew resistant space. Yesterday, I rolled out the first coat. Tomorrow, I'll attack the crumbling windows. Here are a few photos of my progress!

I also swept, vacuumed and mopped the floor in the shot below. The wood is really beautiful.


Connie said...

Yay!!!! Love the progress photos.

Unknown said...

Even with one coat, this already looks multiple times better than it did before. Using Kilz is also a great idea, as it helps to seal the surface, and as you said, prevent mildew. I absolutely love that floor - I think I'd just protect that with some good quality oil and then leave it alone, warts and all.