Thursday, December 03, 2015

Food Mandalas by Shannon Sims

While attending Flora Bowley's Bloom True Art workshop last weekend, I was introduced to the nourishing genius of Shannon Sims - holistic health practitioner, nutrition guru and food mandala maker. Shannon provided workshop attendees with a delightful array of artfully arranged food throughout the weekend. I was so impressed with her plate creations that I hunted her down on Instagram to see more of her beautiful work. Here are some examples:

Shannon, thank you for taking such spectacular care of us. I immediately came home and made my own food mandalas for Thanksgiving. You're such an inspiration!

Dear readers, you can find Shannon at the links below:

As a side note: While I was browsing Shannon's gorgeous Instagram, I discovered an image from Stephen McCarty, whose food mandalas and plant based deserts are pretty mind blowing as well. You can find him HERE via Instagram. Here's a taste of his mesmerizing plant-based creations.


Connie said...


Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

These are food poetry. Beautiful.

Anna-Maria said...

Amazing, beautiful food!

Love from a swedish girl!
// Amie