Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 | Year In Review

Every year I do a little recap on New Year's Eve - a sort of celebration of all that has transpired. I love the energetic push that comes after Christmas. Everyone is looking forward and turning a new leaf. It's been a strange year, though.  Cosmic flux, planets in retrograde and huge life transitions have been the norm. I've ended relationships and even lost a few dear friends to cancer. "Goodbye" pops up frequently in my vocabulary these days. The confusion that comes with big transitions has left me wondering about my trajectory, but I'm also grateful for these hard months. Reflection and change always bode well.

In years past, this New Year's review post usually features lots of home improvement projects and outward shows of progress. But as I look back on 2015, I see mostly internal shifts and personal highlights. But before we get to the review, I want to acknowledge YOU. Thank you, friends, for your faithful readership. Even as my blog morphs and I go through fallow blogging periods, you're still here. Thank you, thank you. I hope you have a beautiful New Year's Eve and that 2016 brings you a healthy dose of magic.

Here is the 2015 La Maison Boheme Year In Review!

I updated our home tour

My family was featured in the Advocate.


I completed a 25 piece commission for Choice Hotels. 

We opened our new AirBnB studio.

We completed our new bathroom remodel

I began working as Creative Director for Statera Foundation.
Then I helped organize the inaugural Statera Conference for gender parity in the theatre.

I drove cross country with my kids and spent 
a month at my mother's farm in Eastern Oregon. 

I was featured in American Theatre Magazine

I built and launched my new website.

I attended the Texas Style Council Blogger's Retreat in Austin, TX.

I designed our chicken coop (built and engineered by James Curvan) with 100% recycled materials.

I attended Flora Bowley's Bloom True art workshop in Portland. 

I made a fire pit in our back yard.

I got another tattoo to honor my brother who died in August of 2014.

I published 12 home tours on
Below is a photo from my favorite tour of a glass spirit house in Eastern Oregon.


Connie said...

Quite a year. Carry on my Dear.

Rebecca said...

When you condense your year to these events, you MUST be amazed at your accomplishments/productivity! You are a remarkable person. Your talents take you many directions and you appear to excel in ALL of them. May 2016 find you settled, healthy, strong and at peace at many levels. Happy New Year.

Emily said...

Really fun to look back with you. What a great year.