Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mysterious Wood Carvings

While visiting Shelburne Farm this past October, I happened upon a stand of wood carvings installed along the path to the barn. They were so striking and unlike anything else at the farm. The raw wood has been left to chip and fade, which adds to their charm and mystery. Take a look.

I have tried to find out about the artist or the origin of the carvings, but no luck. Do any of you out there in the cyber world know where these amazing little totems are from or how they ended up at Shelburne Farms? The only photo I could find of them, besides my own above, is from Josh Bassett Photography (below).


Connie said...

Great photos. I loved those carvings. Hope you can find out more about them.

Josh Bassett said...

Seems to be a mixed media installation. There are other similar ones in different locations. The double as both sculptures and musical instruments (slit drums).