Monday, August 31, 2015

Garden Report | Summer's End

The summer heat in Texas is tough on a vegetable garden. But my plants seem to be making an effort in the final throes. I'm still harvesting yellow pear tomatoes, chard, basil, mint, oregano, cantaloupe and lemon cucumbers, but the green beans and other tomato varieties have given up. The chickens, on the other hand, are thriving and churning out those delicious eggs!

Next month, I'll be digging up the ghosts of spring and planting my fall and winter garden. I'll have kale, broccoli, chard and lots of other cold hearty veggies in the garden. How is your garden doing? What does your summer harvest entail? And what are you planning for the fall season?


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Piggy said...

Hi Sarah. I discovered your wonderful blog several weeks ago and have read loads of your old posts. You have a lot of the same interests as me so reading about your life and experiences is food for the soul. I don't have the time or discipline to blog, but so enjoy following yours. Carolyn