Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Road Home

First, apologies for the crickets here at La Maison Boheme. I've been away at my mother's farm in Eastern Oregon without a computer since July 1st. Today marks my first day back at home in Dallas.

I just finished a four-day road trip with my two children (4 yrs and 7yrs) and our 6-month old puppy. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But ultimately, it was a really good trip. Since I was the only driver, I had lots of time to sit, think and watch the world roll by. Here's a glimpse of what I saw.

Hell's Canyon Loop, Eastern Oregon

Hoosier Pass, Colorado

Highway 9, Colorado

Raton, New Mexico

Near Claude, Texas

Tomorrow, I plan to be back on track with regular programming for La Maison Boheme. I hope you're having a beautiful summer. I've missed you!


NotesFromAbroad said...

and I missed you !
We drove to Portland, Oregon from Florida, the year we moved a few times.
We had a Standard Poodle in the back seat. He was a Good Boy.
I love those road trips. IF you are riding with someone you don't mind being trapped in a car with :) or alone.
Oregon is a fabulously beautiful state ..
Glad you are back :)

Bekah said...

Gorgeous photos! It's always lovely to look back on what was experienced on a trip.