Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My Mother's Farm Kitchen Renovation

This week, I wrote an article featuring my mother's newly renovated farm kitchen for Houzz.com. First let me say that my mother wins the prize for the best sport with the most positive outlook. I so admire all of the work she and my step-father have done on their 120 year old farm house in eastern Oregon that I can't help but crow. That's why I keep covering their innovative remodels! (Be sure to check out her BATH remodel if you haven't already.)

But today I want to share their KITCHEN, which is nothing short of amazing when you think that they did it themselves with the help of a few local professionals for the plumbing and electrical. Definitely read the full article, but in the meantime here is my mom and step-dad's beautiful handiwork.



See it all on Houzz.com by clicking HERE.


Emily said...

Love it all, especially the ceiling!

camille said...

Loved seeing her kitchen on Houzz this week. I must confess that I am coveting her range! She did a great job. Oh, and I love that I now have a face to put with two of my favorite phrases- "room of shame" and "squint job." All the best to your family!

sandy said...

what a gorgeous job they did! I love your blog by the way - I read it often.

Homer Collins said...

Fantastic. They have certainly boosted their 120 year-old farm house and made it more vital, but for the most part, it looks good overall. I love how it isn't particularly era-specific. There's touches of the '50s in there, but maybe that's due to the heavy whites and the lighting. Great stuff, Sarah!

Homer Collins @ Pinnacle Renovations