Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Morning, Patio

Winter is still in full swing, but here in Dallas the past week has been sunny and spring-like. My yellow Jasmine is blooming, the Wisteria is covered with buds and the little lemon tree I recently added to the yard is in bloom. My vegetable garden has chard and baby onions and its warm enough for me to set out my seedling trays for a little sun tan. I know the cool weather will strike again, but until then, I'm soaking up the rays.


Connie said...

So welcoming. I love the chicks. Can't wait to see it in person.

Notes From ABroad said...

the bright blue is so cheerful ! And chickens .. I am envious. I always thought that if we lived in the country, I might try having chickens. Then when we moved here ( NY State) I was warned not to leave any pets out at night as there are wolves, foxes and bears. Not to mention the daily deer who stop by for lunch .. oh well.

Notes From ABroad said...

How lovely to have chickens ! I wanted to have a coop and little chicks when we moved back to the US but now where I am living, we were warned not to leave dogs, cats or any creatures out at night, thanks to the local bears, foxes, wolves and dragons .. well, not really dragons but you get my drift.
oh well.