Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Fallen Log Postcard Holder

Texas has already seen its share of storms this fall and our neighborhood is littered with fallen tree limbs. So this weekend, my son Walker and I set out to harvest some of these limbs for a little craft project: photo and postcard holders. The idea came from Amanda Soule's book, Rhythm of the Family: Discovering a sense of wonder through the seasons.

Walker, 6 years old, was very keen to use a real hand saw. We picked out a few lengths of wood and cut them into small and large lengths to be used for our holder. Then we cut a 1/2 inch score into the top of the branch to hold the photo. After some light sanding (a job that Walker really got into) our holder was ready to display photos and postcards.

Not only was this a fun and short project my kiddo thoroughly enjoyed, it was also a great opportunity to explore our neighborhood, notice the flowers and take in some autumn air. These little holders will make great Christmas gifts as well - hand made with love by a proud six-year-old.


Betsy said...

Neat project. Growing up in VT our family would search the public woods for fallen birch tree logs. My Dad liked to make candle holders - some two, some three holes - Thanks for the memories.

Connie said...

Love it! Great Grama Orma and her little brother Bill. So sweet.