Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Annapurna Living

I don't know Carrie-Anne Moss, but last week I happened onto her website launch at annapurnaliving.com. Carrie-Anne is a mama, wife, yogi and actress living in Los Angeles, CA. Her mission is to "see womanhood through the eyes of grace" and she hopes that her online offering will nourish creativity, intentional living and peace in the hearts of women everywhere. Carrie-Anne has gathered a spectacular group of wild, spirited contributors - all artists in their own right - to help her create the energy and aesthetic of Annapurna Living.

I've had a marvelous time browsing through the inspiration available on her new site and I thought I'd share here at La Maison Boheme. Perhaps you, like me, are on a spiritual journey of renewal and growth. Annapurna Living might be just the tribe you're looking for as you traverse the beautiful, heart-filled work of living an authentic life.

So when you have a half hour to yourself, pour a hot cup of tea and visit this new and transformative online space. Annapurna Living might be just what the doctor ordered.

From Carrie-Anne Moss:

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