Saturday, October 18, 2014

Married Ten Years Today

Today, I'm celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary with a quiet morning at home, some light gardening, grilling lunch on the back patio and an evening out to dinner and a play with my beloved.

And of course, I'm pouring through our wedding photos, remembering that glorious day in Cayucos, CA. The wedding site is across the street from where we just held my brother's memorial. So much joy and sorrow in such close proximity. This is what makes life beautiful, I suppose.

Wedding photography by Jose Villa


Notes From ABroad said...

Happy Anniversary !
Yes, Joy and Sorrow. I hope today and tonight you can just concentrate on the Joy ..

Emily said...

Have a beautiful day with your beloved. Love what NotesFromAbroad said.

vintage girl at heart said...

Happy Decade!

Anonymous said...

'...a play with my beloved'

Good to see the passion is still burning! Have a good one.

Unknown said...

Much Love to you Sarah. Life goes on and the mystery of life continues.