Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Camp Abercorn - A Gay Eagle Scout Narrative

Camp Abercorn is a fictional camp and the Compass Guides are a fictionalized version of the Boy Scouts of America. Film maker and Eagle Scout, Jeffery Simon, has created this story to shine a light on the Scouts' discriminatory membership policies. 

He says, "Our mission is to share the Compass Guide experience through stories. We hope to reinvigorate the American people on the awesome power of Guiding—an unparalleled model for teaching leadership skills to boys. Now, more than ever, we need an organization that produces good men, men who treat everyone equally regardless of their gender or sexual preference. And with any luck, we’ll do a small part in influencing the Boy Scouts of America to understand that equality and diversity are equally important in the growth of our future leaders."

As the mother of two young boys, I'm totally on board! Cheers to creating healthy men who lead with compassion, self-knowledge and confidence!

Sounds marvelous, right? 

Please support this important work and visit the 
Camp Abercorn IndiGoGo Campaign!

How did I find out about this amazing project? My brother's super-talented girlfriend, Meg Grgurich is the creative producer and co-writer. As the Camp Abercorn creator likes to say, "Meg brings the funny". Don't you just love it when your brilliant friends create meaningful art that makes the world a better place? I sure do! Here's a photo of Meg on set for Camp Abercorn...

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