Monday, May 12, 2014

The Garden Continues

The hardest part about being away from my home for the summer is leaving my beautiful vegetable garden behind. Luckily, I have a wonderful friend and neighbor who continues to sow and harvest in my absence. But I', still sad that I will not be able to enjoy the summer bounty.

My mother, who is staying with us this week, knew that being separated from the garden would be a hardship for me, so a few weeks ago she started a round of veggie seeds on her farm in Eastern Oregon. When she arrived here in Cedar City, she magically produced several trays of green sprouts from the back of her car: kale, snow peas, lettuces, chard, lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and a host of other green goodies. Amazing!

So here is my container garden, started in Oregon and transplanted to Utah, tucked into containers procured from a nearby Dollar Store. We poked holes in the bottom of the blue tubs for drainage and laid a little newspaper on along the bottom to prevent soil loss. Then we filled the tubs with organic garden soil and compost. Once the seedlings were transplanted and watered, they perked right up.

The day after I transplanted the seedlings, we had a snow storm advisory. I pulled all of the containers inside for the evening and awoke to an incredible 6-8 inches the following morning. My greens are safe and the snow is already melting away - but what a surprise!  

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Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor said...

What an awesome momma you have! The veggies will be such a welcome addition in a month or two!