Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Color Theory

It doesn't matter what the decorating books say. 
It doesn't matter what your grandmother told you.
It doesn't matter what's "in" or "now" or "trending".

Instead, let's take our cue from Mother Nature.

If you love it, put it in the mix
and stop asking, "Does it match?"

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Betsy said...

I remember so clearly the time I inquired about my combinations of blue, "did they go together?" and your response was: all shades of blue go together!
This is so great! Thanks for color choice freedom!

Shawna McComber said...

I got a bit behind in my blog reading and am catching up now. I agree with you, that if you love it then it goes together just as it does in nature. Much of what goes and doesn't is a matter of opinion anyhow and even if everyone else in the world tells you it doesn't go, that still doesn't matter if you like it. These are gorgeous images. I always enjoy the images you find and share, so thanks for doing that.