Friday, February 21, 2014

My Other Work Space

Today, my home art studio is being featured at Comet Party, the lovely blog of fantasy writer and vegan advocate, Camille DeAngelis. Thank you Camille for asking me to write about my beloved studio for your "Where We Make" series - it was such fun! Click HERE to see my guest post.

I've been busy this week in my studio and its a mess. Seriously, the space is a complete scramble-flub of papers, paints and projects. Before I can move forward, I'll need to clean up my studio a bit.

When I can't face the chaos of my studio, I retreat to the front window in my dining room. Here I can get some sun light, have a fresh cup of coffee and brainstorm with my darling husband about... well... about everything. Here are some photos of my "other" workspace.

A clean table...

Coffee, a writing implement and access to my books...

My beautiful man and creative partner...

And a view of my messy studio today from the doorway... dare I go in?

My studio office and I have a clean up date this weekend.
In the meantime, head over to Comet Party and say "hi"! 


Camille said...

SUCH a joy to host you on my blog, Sarah. We are friends who simply haven't met in person yet! Looking forward to September. xoxox

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Ooooh Sarah, that chair is fabulous!!! Vintage?? Love the curved arms and with hubby all nice and cozy sitting in it, I say it's dude-approved as well! Love your boho vibe, even with the's styled to perfection! Like a mini-glimpse into your process :D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Wendy said...

That looks so warm and cozy! I really love that red (?) table….I don't remember see it in previous posts.