Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Art | Giving It Away

Thank you all for the outpouring of support for my new art website, sarahgreenman.com!
Yesterday's launch was a big step and I couldn't have done it without you - my fantastic LMB readers.

While running errands the week before Christmas, I heard the TED Radio Hour on NPR and listened to a story called "Giving It Away". The show was a total inspiration to me and if you have a moment, take a listen. Here are the three main ideas that I took from the story:

photo by Sarah Greenman

Give what you have.
It's pretty simple. If you have a skill, a talent, an understanding, an extra few dollars - give it away. Let's take care of each other and offer our gift to the larger community. Giving is easy and everyone benefits - especially the giver.

Give it now.
If you're waiting to make your first million before you give, you're wasting precious time. The size of the gift does not matter. If you can afford to give it (spiritually, mentally, financially, physically), do it now. Live in the moment.

Allow others to reciprocate.
Giving is circular. When you give what you have, your community will rise up to support you. Recipients of your good will are eager to thank you and offer what they have to give. Allowing others to reciprocate honors their personhood and creates a more compassionate community.


I was so inspired by the ideas above that I have decided to give away my art. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard friends, neighbors and clients say, "I sure wish I could afford some of your work." Original art is expensive. It's expensive to make as well. (Give what you have.) While I cannot afford to give away my original artwork, I can certainly make prints available to those who want and need them. Yes, I'm using the word "need" - humans need art.

I am making the above art prints available starting right now on a pay-what-you can scale. (Give it now.) To order your 8x8 inch print, please click the "donate" button below. In the "special instructions" section, please specify which of the two prints (Neurplasticity or While You Were Sleeping) you would like me to send. Make sure that your shipping address information is correct.

If you would like to reimburse me for the cost of printing and shipping, which is 12 dollars, you are more than welcome to do so. If you would like to give more or less, you are welcome to do so. YOU choose the amount you would like to give. It can be as little as one cent. YOU choose. (Allow others to reciprocate.) To order, click the donate button below and specify the amount you would like to give.

The image is 8x8 inches printed on 8.5x11" archival paper with a white border for framing. I hand sign each print. It will be shipped in a 9x12 inch photo mailer. Shipping times will vary based on what I have in stock. I will email you with an estimated delivery date and then follow up with a shipment confirmation.

Thank you for your support!


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Irene Raun said...

For the each of the past three years, I have given 180 pair of hand-knitted mittens to a family homeless shelter. Many are there to escape domestic violence; arriving with only the clothes on their backs. I donate the same mittens I make for my grandchildren. I love to knit and am known to knit mittens while a passenger in a car, at club meetings, when visiting my mother. Others give me yarn from half-finished projects knowing it will go to a good cause.

Keep doing what you love and give it away!