Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday List Taking

I'm a list taker. I do it for almost every project, every thought, every task. It helps me stay generally organized as I traverse my sometimes chaotic schedule. I have family arriving in one week for the holidays and there are lots of little things to accomplish before they arrive. Here is my working list:

finish painting garden hutch
finish raised bed construction in back yard
prepare guest spaces
Thanksgiving grocery shopping
organize hall linen closet
dust and vacuum house
clean guest bathroom
stock wine and beer

This is not in an effort to make my home or surroundings seem "perfect" but rather the means by which I create a relaxing and laid back visit for my family and most importantly for myself. Plan ahead, have everything on hand and enjoy my home and family. Those are my goals for the week.

And here are a few little things happening on the 
interwebs this week that I think are worth mentioning:

Last week, I was featured once again on Our Style Stories as part of a series called "Life Now". Thanks Hilary for all of the content you squeezed out of our visit - I'm mightily impressed. Read my interview questions with Hilary HERE. And if you didn't catch the earlier features here they are:

My father (yes, my pops) opened an Etsy site this week to sell his artwork. About a year ago, he began painting and really took to it. He has a few pieces sitting in the homes of dear friends and now he's making his work available to all. Click HERE to see his work. My favorite piece is below:

This week I'll be at the Lake Highlands Early Childhood PTA art fair in Dallas. I'll be painting on site, and selling pieces, prints and art cards. Feel free to stop by and get your holiday shopping done! There will be lots of vendors and artists to meet. 

And finally, this is the last full week of my art show, Neuroplasticity. If you're in the Dallas area, you have until Tuesday of next week to see the work. There are still some pieces available for sale, so email me if you have any questions.

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Betsy said...

ah lists! Love 'em! Thanks for yours. Mine would begin and end with the "stock wine and beer" reminder! And one additional: check level in bottles of Gin and Scotch!! :-) I always feel anticipated, well cared for, and relaxed when I visit your home. Lucky family we all are....