Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lynsey Purl | Dallas Design Consultant

Dallas based stylist and design consultant, Lynsey Purl, loves autumn's cool weather. It's also her favorite time of year to decorate her family's outdoor spaces. "I love fall and the feeling it evokes," says Purl. "Childhood memories, college football and the anticipation of Halloween and Thanksgiving give me a warm feeling inside."

Instead of changing her outdoor decor for each new holiday, Purl creates a single concept that can transition from autumn to Halloween to Thanksgiving. "By keeping my autumn decor broad I can set it up in September and not have to really change a thing until Christmas," she says.

Last year I featured her home on Houzz.com and her adorable pink and gray nursery went viral. This year she decked out her front porch for Halloween and I'm so excited to share it with you! I've also included some of Lynsey's tips on how to create her DIY painted pumpkins. Thank you, Lynsey for letting me take photos of your handi-work.

How to Paint a Polka Dot Pumpkin
1. Cover the stem with painter's tape.
2. Spray the pumpkin in the desired color and let dry.
3. Place round stickers randomly over the pumpkin. I used a sheet of price tags from the dollar store.
4. Spray the pumpkin with a second coat of a complementary color.
5. Let it dry and peel off the stickers and tape.

 How to Paint a Monogramed Pumpkin
1. Cover the stem with painter's tape.
 2. Cover the pumpkin with paint (I chose a cream color).
3. Let the paint dry.
4. Choose a letter stencil and coordinating paint color (The "P" is for Purl) to create your monogram. 

How to Create a Studded Pumpkin
This is the fastest and easiest transformation.
Push thumbtacks in a random pattern into the pumpkins for a textured, studded look. Experiment with different patterns.

The Purls recently recently renovated their back patio and created an outdoor kitchen. I want to do this at my house! Purl says, "We were fortunate to be able to tie into our existing plumbing outside which was perfect for our outdoor sink." The flagstone was mortared in with a dry stack appearance to add color and texture, which ties in beautifully with the home.

Lynsey also added a little Halloween flair to her children's play house! The kids also got into the pumpkin painting act and decorated their own for the holidays. I love the hot pink one that Lynsey's daughter created. Who says you have to go orange and black for Halloween?

Interested in Lynsey's work?
Check out her website HERE

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