Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rosie the Riveter - Restored WWII Photos

I can't stop looking at these incredible restored photos from WWII. 
The women, the machinery and the lighting are all amazing.

via HERE


Connie said...

I love these shots. When the s#%t hits the fan, you can depend on the women. We are a force, to be sure!

Krista S. said...

I kind of got choked up seeing this. We already know that women are amazing and can do anything, but this was a pivotal time in history when they were able to prove that women can indeed do anything a man can do (and often more!). Thanks for sharing these fantastic historical photos.

Peggy said...

These are AMAZING.

Miss Ripley said...

This is a really interesting collection of photos. Thank you for sharing them.