Monday, July 15, 2013

Recent Houzz Tours

Over the past few weeks, I've had three published home tours on They are all wildly different, but interesting in their own way. The first was not really a home, but an art studio in the Fremont District of Las Vegas. I had a chance to teach at Selah {an art studio} in June. So I thought it would be fun to share their space with my Houzz readers. Check out the full article HERE.

I also shared THIS amazing home in Terrell, Texas. It was built 130 years ago and has been loving restored and cared for by the Aldinger Family. This old Victorian is off the hook!

My most recent home tour was in Dallas. Remember THIS amazing tree house I covered last Spring? It was so popular that I head back to take a peek inside their home.

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Stay tuned because I have some great new homes 
ready to publish in the next few weeks on Houzz!

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Emily said...

My dad is from Terrell, and he grew up living right next door to the Cartwright Victorian home . My grandparents lived in their home for over 40 years ( it is the smaller Spanish style home next door, built in the 30's and 40's.)
I remember always being intimidated by the Cartwright home--it reminded me of a big haunted castle. Of course, now as an adult, I am in love and intrigued!
An even larger Victorian home was on the other side of my grandparents, but it burned down, in the 60's, I believe.
It had a ballroom on one level, and they were known for their grand parties!
Great article Sarah, and its so nice to know that people out there want to save these very historic homes!