Monday, May 27, 2013

Southern Utah, Arizona and Nevada

This weekend I drove through the desert from Cedar City, Utah to Las Vegas. I traveled to sin city to attend an awesome photography workshop at Selah Art Salon with Brittany Rulis. I also took a collection of 19 artworks to hang in their studio in preparation for Las Vegas' First Friday (June 7th). From what I understand, Selah throws a great art party for First Friday. If you're in the area, you should come by for wine, food, art and conversation!

I'll go back to Las Vegas June 7th and 8th to partake in First Friday and to teach an art and writing workshop entitled "You Are Your Own Muse". If you're interested in attending, I still have a couple spots open! Click HERE to register! Here are some photos from the weekend...

Here are some photos of the art hang and set-up:

Tree of Life 1 - 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

Tree of Life 2 - 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

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Connie said...

I'm looking forward to the First Friday Gala and the class. ;-)