Friday, May 10, 2013

Rethinking Floral Chintz

Usually, I'm a hater. 
But today, I'm looking with new eyes.



source unknown





Beth said...

I love some of them, some are just beautiful, can't have too many in one room though, as it can be a bit overwhelming.
Dreams In A Poppy Field...

Angie said...

love! Was just trying to figure out if I wanted to commit to a CL sofa that looks as if it is chintz - though three weeks ago I was ready to commit to an '80's brown chenille with wood trim. I may need an intervention. :)

Connie said...

Chintz, Grandma....Grandma, chintz. The two just go together. If you had a grandma like I did, chintz just makes you want to crawl up in her lap and breathe in the smell of her lavender scent. I had my chintz decor once when I was single. I enjoyed it for a time, then moved on to other styles. Sweet memories.

blissful chick said...

for me, it's like animal print: essential to have ONE somewhere, just to mix it up

Marian Idiaquez said...

Las flores nos han invadido!Que bonitas fotos. La verdad es que en pequeñas dosis me encantan. La foto primera me ha encantado, esa sensación de desgastado ...
Un saludo