Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This Green

Why is this green (below) so hard to achieve? This was the color I was thinking about for my studio before I decided to go all black. But I couldn't find the right hue.  Maybe its the wash, the light, the texture... it was just not happening for me. The black turned out beautifully, though. And I'll be revealing the new space on Thursday - so check back!



Yes, I realize they are different greens, 
but I would have settled for the second color if the first was unattainable. 
But I just couldn't find the right thing. 


barbara said...

That first one looks splotchy to me -- is that one of those watchamacallit techniques where you use a sponge to build up the colour depth? It looks to be a very 3D blue-green to me, whereas the second one is a very flat yellowy-green -- at least on my monitor. And for sure the quality of the light (north, south, east or west, as well as latitude, not to mention the seasons) will make a huge difference in the appearance of the final colour.

Really looking forward to the big reveal! I am going to be moving in May and will finally for the first time in my life be planning my work space *before* I move in, so I have been glued to your blog for ideas. Thank you so much!


Ms Misantropia said...

That first color is beautiful! But it is totally dependent on the giant windows. A matte darkish color like that would look old and musty in a little cottage or basement.
The second one reminds me too much of hospital green though.

Lesley said...

The first photo looks like plaster or lime paint. I like that colour but not the second colour. Something just slightly off about it.

Rachel Anderson said...

Tough color to pull off without the result looking like an 80's seafoam hangover. :) R

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with Sherman-Williams "Chip It!" You can take any photo off the internet and color-code it with their versions of the colors in that photo! It has prooved very helpful to me in choosing wall colors. Can't wait for the reveal! Mo in KCMO