Saturday, February 23, 2013

This Week in the Studio

I'm usually most comfortable with my smashed up tubes of acrylic paint but this week, after some urging from my five-year-old son, I made friends with a set of watercolors. Why haven't I been hanging with the watercolor crowd until now? They're such fun!

MontaƱa de Oro  -  36 x 24 acrylic and watercolor on canvas  -  $450

The Sound  -  6 x 8 watercolor on paper  -  SOLD

Castle Rock  -  6 x 8 watercolor on paper  -  SOLD

Seascapes  -  6 x 8 watercolor on paper  -  $35 each

As always, you can find my work in the shop.
Have a beautiful weekend!


Donna Benedetto said...

Your work is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Sarah, these are lovely! Going to your 'shop' now. I'm so glad to meet another artist!
xo Nancy