Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Art Storage Ideas

The art is piling up around here.  If any of you artists out there have ideas for me about how to store my artwork (canvases and paper), then let me know!  It's everywhere!


Love this hall closet transformed into art shelving!



barbara said...

I bought large (relatively cheap) metal wire shelving with three adjustable shelves, the deepest kind available. Before I thought it out thoroughly, I put flat files and floppy portfolios lying flat on the very top shelf, then the largest framed drawings and porfolios on the large middle shelf, and small and medium drawings and porfolios on the lower shelf. I have unframed drawings in the largest flat plastic boxes I could find on the top shelf and other boxes of miscellaneous junk. It's amazing how plastic boxes are all one to two inches shorter on one side or another than standard drawing paper sizes.

The built-in deep shelving across the top of the bookshelves in the top photo is to my mind definitely the way to go for ease of access. It always seemed logical to me to put large frames and canvasses at the bottom/on the floor, but then of course you can't access the smaller stuff on shelves above them and it's wasted space. And this way the ceiling will act to keep most of the dust that inevitably accumulates off the paintings/drawings.

Looking forward to seeing what you will end up doing.


AndyS/ said...

May I ask for the source of the ceiling glider rack storage?

Sarah Greenman said...

Andy, I don't know the source. But after looking into it, this seems like a custom job handled by a contractor. Thanks for your question!