Friday, January 04, 2013

Winter Bouquet

I've been enjoying this small winter bouquet on my desk for the past week and thought I'd share.  Sometimes the prettiest arrangements are not comprised of big blooms, but of the "filler" usually sold with the flowers. I think this is Baby's Breath with miniature Thistle leaves.


Sharon Knoeppel said...

So pretty! You truly inspire me to make my home a better place. I am also a thrift store junkie and just love all the beautiful unique finds!
Unfortunately I have a problem having the guts to paint in bold colors, such as your new BEAUTIFUL living room. Because of your blog and wonderful pictures I may finally get the nerve :-) Thanks!

Corrina said...

Beautiful arrangement. We're over here in the sweltering heat just trying to stay cool- even too hot to go to the beach! I love cooking but trying to think of something satisfying to make when we all feel hot and flustered is hard- might be fish and chips night tonight from the local take-away! xxXCorrina

Ana said...

I just came across your blog via Moon to Moon and I absolutely love your home decor. This photo of your flowers in the vase really knocked my socks off. Love it!!!!! The thistle flowers remind me of art nouveau. Looking forward to exploring your blog... Curious to know what type of camera you use and light source? I'm trying to improve my photography and your photos are pretty inspirational.