Thursday, January 10, 2013


A friend of mine once asked why I constantly change my space. At the time, all I could offer was, "I don't know - because I like to."  Now I realize the ever-changing ebb and flow of my house requires that I move things around from time to time.  I'm also a seasonal person. I want my home to reflect what's happening outside the house. Another reason that I enjoy freshening up my decor is that I work from home.  This is the place that shelters my rising, my prep, my mothering, my cooking, my cleaning, my work, my writing, my painting, my children and their childhoods, my husband, my marriage and a host of other very important components of happy living. These things are always shifting and I want my home to nurture transformation. I know it might seem a little over stated, but this is why I sew a new pillow cover or switch lamps from the bedroom to the living room.

Speaking of change, I've switched up the layout of my blog so that most of the navigation can happen at the top of the page.  Please browse around and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section! 

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Still Blooming said...

"Nurture Transformation" ...the wheels are turning, lists and plans are being drawn, ease and trust of what comes and to flow into them.
These two words are center on my thought board today and then on, from small to big I will Nurture Transformation daily with conscious loving intention.
Thank you Sarah! xoxo

Jess said...

This makes total sense...

I once asked a dermatologist, "does our skin really get used to that why we should change them regularly?" She answered, "no, your skin does not get used to anything, but you will change products over time because your skin is always changing. The skin you have now is not the skin you had last year." Now I look at everything this way-our bodies, minds, etc. We are not constant, so why would our style or living spaces be?

As always, love your blog for inspiration.

Wellbeing Narrative

Emily said...

I love what Jess said!
I love change.
Makes me feel fresh and new.
Plus I just love to decorate and fluff, so I am always changing my home. But, I like the way you said it all much better.